4 thoughts on “Zoom In/Out options in bar charts using Chart.JS

  1. This thread seems to be the place to talk about zoom / scroll / pan issues since all the other issues are closed referencing this thread, but there doesn’t seem to be any solution if someone wanted to create a chart like this:

    here is zoom and pan, but without preview:

    I love Chart.js, but it seems odd to have such a large feature missing that is in so many other libraries. Seems we could look at this library as a starting point https://github.com/jkronz/historange (I only did a cursory glance at it so far) but am considering going with something like HighCharts / HighStock to get that feature, though I would love to keep using Chart.js

  2. So guys? Now I see version 2. Is this supported now? I would really appreciate an example of panning and zooming a plot.


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