yarn.lock is not working with yarn workspaces

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It might not be a bug but my misunderstanding of how yarn lock works with yarn workspaces.

What is the current behavior?
yarn.lock is not working with yarn workspaces. I am using yarn workspaces for my project. I have a dependency in a workspace with a caret/tilde before its version. But whenever I run yarn install –pure-lockfile or yarn install –frozen-lock file, the dependency gets updated to latest version and does not honour yarn.lock whenever the library owner publishes a new version. This leads to breaking my app’s build due to non-compatible changes in newer version.

If the current behavior is a bug, please provide the steps to reproduce.

Repo Link
I have created a sample repo with setup. Please follow the following steps to reproduce:

  1. Clone the repo.
  2. Do fresh yarn install.
  3. Now add caret to the dependency “cross-env” mentioned in workspace-b.
  4. Run yarn install again (with –pure-lockfile or –frozen-lockfile)
  5. Check yarn.lock doesn’t get updated but in node modules new version is installed.

What is the expected behavior?
yarn install –frozen-lockfile should fail.

Please mention your node.js, yarn and operating system version.
yarn: 1.21.1
OS: MacOS mojave (10.14.5)

Author: Fantashit

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