Wrong data passed into custom renderer in 2.9.x

Expected Behavior

Expected behavior as it was in Chart.js 2.8.x.
draw method in my applyCustomRenderer should get correct data in this._model.x and this._model.width.
See values in the console in following codepen, there are correct float values.

Current Behavior

Chart.js 2.9.x
draw method getting NaN values in this._model.x and this._model.width instead of correctly calculated values as it is in 2.8.0.

Steps to Reproduce (for bugs)

Codepen links above, see console.log for both code pens.


Trying to render rounded corner bars like this (version 2.8.0):
With version 2.9.x I am unable to render these rounded bars because of NaN values in this._model.x and this._model.width. No bars are being rendered at all.


  • Chart.js version: 2.9.x
  • Browser name and version: All browsers

Author: Fantashit

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