window object return in callback is undefined


I’m upgrading my app from 0.12.3 to the latest nwjs version 0.27.5 I changed my code of window opening from:

var eWin:any =, {
                "inject-js-start": scriptPath,
                "inject-js-end": scriptPath2,
                "show": false

to:, {
                "inject_js_start": scriptPath,
                "inject_js_end": srciptPath2,
                "show": false
            }, (eWin: any) => {
                   if(!eWin) return;

url is a remote site url and scriptPath, scriptPath2 are paths to local js files.
eWin retrun in callback is undefined, and this warning is shown on the devTools console:

Creating sandboxed window, it doesn’t have access to the API. The callback will be called, but there will be no object provided for the sandboxed window.

My OS is Mac OS High Sierra, I’m having same issue on windows 10.

Author: Fantashit

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