WebVRManager needs equivalent to VRControls.userHeight

VRControls has a userHeight property that places the camera a given height (usually) above the origin in “standing” mode when the VRDisplay doesn’t provide a standing matrix.

WebVRManager doesn’t appear to have an equivalent adjustment, so headsets that do not have roomscale (i.e. anything other than Vive) place the head at or near the floor. Since WebVRManager.getCamera() sets the position of the camera inside of WebGLRenderer.render() it’s difficult if not impossible to make that adjustment another way.

Author: Fantashit

1 thought on “WebVRManager needs equivalent to VRControls.userHeight

  1. I also believe we should the standingMatrix to fix this issue. If the device doesn’t have a stageParameters we could just set the height as described, but if it has, we should use it.
    Otherwise we’re forcing the same height for everyone, in my case for example I feel the floor is 20cms or so above my feet.

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