webpack watch mode not working….

General Information:
webpack version: 1.13.2
OS: Windows 10 Anniversary Update and webpack is running in Windows Subsystem for Linux(The new bash on Ubuntu)

I”m trying to run webpack in watch mode by using:

webpack --watch

and by also setting watch mode in config:

context: path.join(__dirname, '/src'),
devtool: debug ? 'inline-sourcemap' : null,
entry: './js-src/scripts.js',
watch: true,
module: {

All webpack does is run the transpiler and exit.
Example of output when running watch mode:

Hash: 045070ba2ed9ce40edf7
Version: webpack 1.13.2
Time: 2146ms
         Asset     Size  Chunks             Chunk Names
scripts.min.js  1.89 MB       0  [emitted]  main
    + 172 hidden modules

I’m not sure what i’m doing incorrect?

Author: Fantashit

6 thoughts on “webpack watch mode not working….

  1. I am on webpack 3, and I have poll option enabled, still Webpack picks up first few writes and then doesn’t do that. I have tried saving the files via emacs and atom.

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