webpack v3 mangling exports name will break `Array.from` of core-js

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(I wanna cry: )The optimization of Scope Hoisting could break core-js Array.from.

After updated to webpack v3. My code will throw the error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot assign to read only property 'length' of function 'function from() { [native code] }'

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The error due to wrong context:

  • webpack use __webpack_require__.n & __webpack_require__.d to mangle exports name;
  • Array.from transformed to __WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_4_babel_runtime_core_js_array_from___default.a;
  • While calling arrayfrom.a(arraylike), the context will be function getDefault;
  • es6.array.from.js#L15, C will be getDefault;
  • #L25 new C() will return function from(arrayLike /* , mapfn = undefined, thisArg = undefined */) {...};
  • createProperty will make the returned function property length read only;
  • finally when it call result.length = index, the error Uncaught TypeError will be threw.

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webpack v3

Author: Fantashit

5 thoughts on “webpack v3 mangling exports name will break `Array.from` of core-js

  1. This ticket is about 3.0.0, no need to corroborate that you have this bug with the same version of webpack in the original issue.

  2. The problem is a size optimization that webpack does by default by not correctly setting the this when calling an import directly as a function.

    Enable strictThisContextOnImports to fix this, as mentioned in #5135 (comment). It will change your invocation from arrayfrom.a(arraylike) to __webpack__require__.i(arrayfrom.a)(arraylike), so that it will correctly have no context.

    babel does the same without using a helper function, though (the babel equivalent would be (0, arrayfrom.a)(arraylike)); maybe webpack could do that too.

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