Webpack build times can they improved in dev mode?

Can we have an option to disable the chunk optimize assets calls when in development? On my system (desktop/i3/4GB) typical build times exceed 30secs. Now if I go into the Compilation.js and skip the optimize-chunk-assets/after-optimize-chunk-assets calls then I get the bundle ready in a couple of secs.

With the implementations I tried so far I do not see side effects but would like to confirm it.

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2 thoughts on “Webpack build times can they improved in dev mode?

  1. @sokra I thought I’d share here an one of the performance challenges I ran into with “optimize chunk assets” being triggered in development, which seems pertinent to this issue.

    I was seeing 3-4s recompilation times in development mode, getting stuck at the optimize chunk assets step. I was confused why the optimization was even being triggered, as I had no plugins that enabled it (as @enigma1 had).

    The issue was that I was using the -d CLI option, which was overriding my “cheap-eval-source-map” setting for devtool in my webpack config file to “source-map”. In turn, the watch process was recreating the sourcemaps every time I made even the smallest change to a file. Recompilation speed drastically improved after removing the -d option.

    Why does the “development shortcut” -d specify devtool “source-map” in the first place? It seems to lead to really slow build times in dev mode. Why not have -d equal “–debug –devtool cheap-eval-source-map –output-pathinfo”?

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