Webpack 4 made its own loaders work weird

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Win 10, Node: v8.9.4, npm: 5.6.0, Webpack: 4.1.1

Issue Description:

After I updated from webpack 3.8.1 to version 4.1.1 my raw-loader started to return an object instead of a string.
Before the update in my AngularJS application I could simply do this:

template: require('./my-template')

and everything worked fine. But now I forced to do like this:

template: require('./my-template').default

because otherwise variable template will be equal an object:

  default: '<tempate data>'

instead of a string:

'<tempate data>'

So what is this cr*p and how to return everything at how it was in webpack 3?

Author: Fantashit

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