webpack 4.0.0-alpha.2 feedback


Big features

  • WebAssembly modules can now import other modules (JS and WASM)
  • Exports from WebAssembly modules are validated by ESM import
    • You’ll get a warning/error when trying to import a non-existing export from WASM
  • Stats can display modules nested in concatenated modules
  • UglifyJs now caches and parallizes by default


  • Referencing entry point name in import() now emits a error instead of a warning
  • output.hashFunction can now be a Constructor to a custom hash function
    • You can provide a non-cryto hash function for performance reasons
  • Unused modules are no longer unnecessarly concatenated


  • Using module.id/loaded now correctly bails out of Module Concatentation (Scope Hoisting)
  • OccurenceOrderPlugin now sorts modules in correct order (instead of reversed)

Internal changes

  • Replaced plugin calls with tap calls (new plugin system)

Please comment if you find additional changes not in the changelog

Author: Fantashit

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