VR Controls for Google Daydream

Google introduced WebVR API in Chrome for Android last month (see here). In order to test this cool feature, i’ve developed a simple prototype with three.js 🙌 . As you can see in the source code of the HTML file (it is based on the example webvr_cubes), i was able to reuse VREffect and VRControls. I’ve just added a new entity called DaydreamController to enable interaction via the same-named input device.

The logic of the example is straightforward: You can use the controller to highlight some moving boxes. The visualization of the controller and its orientation is fairly simple, so there is some potential for improvement 😉

If you want to check out this example, you need a Google Pixel (XL), the Daydream View and Chrome 56 (Beta). The website has an embedded origin trial token, so it’s not necessary to enable WebVR in your browser manually.

@mrdoob If you like i can create a PR with a new example and the DaydreamController. Of course the code of this file still needs some refinements.


Author: Fantashit

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  1. The app button is reserved for use by the browser and will not be exposed to WebVR. Similar restrictions are in place for the Vive and Touch menu buttons.

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