ViroARImageMarker: onAnchorRemoved never fires

in a simple example like the following, onAnchorRemoved never gets called when i move the camera away from the anchor. likewise, onAnchorFound only get’s called the first time the anchor is found.

working around this with onHover is not a good solution as it still fires with isHovering == true if i hover of the spot the anchor initially was at, even if the anchor isn’t visible anymore.

think of turning a page in a brochure. if i scan a ViroARTrackingTarget on page 1 and then turn the page, my wrapped component (ViroVideo is my example) would still be visible if i hover over the spot the anchor was at before.


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  1. @Tamiyadd do you have found a solution about that? I’m trying to remove a content when ViroArImageMarker doesn’t track a target but there is no callback to use…
    I have to load a content when ViroArImageMarker detect a marker and remove when it’s not longer in the scene.

    A solution would be to set an interval that remove all objects when timeout and resetting when onAnchorUpdate is called but if the user does not move the camera and the ancor does not move, onAnchorUpdate never called. The result is that the medias will be removed though the target is on the scene…