Version 3.4.0 Expected Release Time

3 months ago at #3886 (comment) it was said that version 3.4.0 will be released in the coming weeks but it seems that not only that it wasn’t released but also there are many open tickets for 3.4.0

For companies using jquery in production its important to know what is planned for jquery and when can we expect 3.4.0. It can influence our decision making on choosing a framework moving forward.
It was also spoken here: #3886 (comment) that the decision was made to make 2 releases a year but in 2018 there was only one single release.
Can we please have some more transparency on what’s going on with jquery?


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  1. it means jquery will not evolve anymore?

    jQuery defines an extension “plugin” mechanism that allows anyone to add methods. That eliminates our team as a bottleneck. The core team doesn’t need to write all the code on people’s websites that uses jQuery. We have guidelines on adding new features to core and very few proposed features need any of those.

    About 80 percent of the top million web sites use jQuery. Every time I think it may have peaked the number goes up again. We have to weigh new features against millions of sites that have been built without that feature and for which it would just be wasted bytes. It’s even more difficult to justify changes to existing behavior since that could break millions of sites. So plugins are by far the best way to evolve jQuery.

    Also I am pretty sure that all the arguments people say against jquery could be solved if there would be a plan to solve them.

    jQuery is a library to manipulate the DOM, not a framework. If the argument is that it is difficult to build and maintain a complex app with jQuery alone, I agree. That it not what it was built to do. Frameworks like Ember and Angular build their own work on top of jQuery or a jQuery-like DOM manipulation API. React has its own DOM manipulation code. Use frameworks when you need them, I do.

    Meanwhile, keep in mind that if you are building a web site (e.g. light pages, often based on a server CMS, very little client state, emphasizing content) and not a web app, the extra weight and complexity of a framework may not be worthwhile.

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