Version 2.14.1 generates common.js inside of dist/_nuxt/node_modules


  • nuxt: v2.14.1
  • node: v12.18.3

Steps to reproduce

  1. Upgrade a Nuxt project to latest 2.14.1
  2. Run yarn generate

What is Expected?

In v2.14.0, the “commons” javascript file was generated in dist/_nuxt/commons/


What is actually happening?

In v2.14.1, the “commons” javascript file is generated in dist/_nuxt/node_modules/


The Problem

Generating the commons file inside of node_modules conflicts with Nuxt’s default .gitignore rules which includes: node_modules. This is problematic when deploying a static site relies on committing the dist folder to a git repo. The end result is a deployed site that is missing the commons file.


This can be resolved by changing the .gitignore rule from: node_modules to /node_modules. Alternatively, it can be resolve by downgrading to Nuxt v2.14.0. Perhaps it would be ideal if the commons file wasn’t placed inside of a folder named “node_modules”.

2 thoughts on “Version 2.14.1 generates common.js inside of dist/_nuxt/node_modules

  1. I inquired about this on the netlify forum.
    I got this reply from fool, Director of Support

    It’s not a gitignore, it’s an intentional ignoring benefitting people who (would) accidentally deploy tens of thousands of files in node_modules and slow down their deployment by many minutes while we upload all those accidental files.
    I think this is not your situation – you’re doing it with intention, and with a smaller installation, but there is no workaround for the behavior. Our system (when uploading from our CI) optimizes those away for you. Can you use a different pathname than literally node_modules to hold the files?