v9.1.2 not published to npm yet

Looks like the tag for v9.1.2 was created two days ago, but that version has not been published to npm yet, and it still shows 9.1.1 as the latest version. So, at the moment, the latest version of @angular/cli is lagging behind the rest of the recently published @angular packages.

Is there a particular issue holding up publishing v9.1.2? Or was this just an oversight?

3 thoughts on “v9.1.2 not published to npm yet

  1. Yes, we’re working on it. We’re getting close to 10.0.0 RC so there were some delays on the framework (FW) side to get in some last minutes changes. Due to the way our release process works, CLI is dependent on FW and has to update some version numbers after FW has released. That then requires CI to run before we can release and if CI fails we have to fix the issue before we can release CLI.

    For this particular release, there was a bug in FW related to case-sensitivity on Windows which broke CLI CI and some users. FW needed an emergency release of 9.1.6, so CLI then has to update its own build to use FW 9.1.6 and re-run CI. CI takes at least an hour each time for CLI because we have end-to-end tests which are quite heavy weight. It also requires installing dependencies via Git tags, which is why you see Git tags set before NPM releases.

    There was also an unrelated CI issue on master which delayed release of 10.0.0-next.4. Right now, we think both branches are in good states, we’re just waiting for CI to confirm that before we release 9.1.5 and 10.0.0-next.4 for CLI.

    Hopefully that gives a little more insight into the release process for CLI. As a result of this complexity, some release do get delayed by a day or two. We do our best to get them out in a timely manner.