using CoffeeScript.compile in client with webpack

I am trying to use CoffeeScript.compile ("code") in browser but including the coffee-script library with webpack results in errors and warnings posted here #4276. The loader is not an option, because I don’t have the code in advance.

There are two versions of coffee-script-min.js:

  • one is bigger size 160kb which I have locally (downloaded ~1year ago) and is not available on CDN. Including this file gives no errors and I’m currently using it, but would like to avoid adding it to source and to be able to update it above 1.9.3.
  • the other is the one hosted on CDN, and is 6kb. Including this one locally results in the same errors as using the coffee-script module with webpack.

That is why I am asking it here to get developers attention because I doubt that other users will have an idea on how the build was packaged.

I am kindly asking not to be referred to “google it” because it is insulting and serves no purpose. If you don’t know how to solve this please do not comment or close, just pass it and let someone else take a look.

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