3 thoughts on “Use the same internal implementation of the browser native window

  1. 0.35.4 is just released with a testing version of this. Please help testing it: https://nwjs.io/blog/v0.35.4/ . Currently it’s under --enable-features=nw2 switch. The plan is to make the switch default after 2-3 major releases and then start to remove the old implementation later.

  2. I found a regression regarding the window icon. It’s not being applied and it displays a corrupted icon inside the taskbar. I couldn’t reproduce using NW1 on Windows 7, could also affect NW1 on newer OS’s.

    Repro: NW2_NoIconTest.zip


    1. Run project using NWjs 0.42.0+
    2. Wait for startup and loading to finish
    3. Notice “Construct 2” icon not being applied and corrupted icon


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