Use of libs with old dependencies (jQuery, jQuery-ui, angular 1.5.x, etc)

I’m having problems importing jQuery ui dependency (and lof of others) with parcel.

I need a way to ask parcel to just concatenate js scripts, without making a module from each file.

Here is how it’s being imported in code:


And here is package.json
(actually yarn is used instead of bower now, just “old” folder name to obviously see that these packages are for browser)

    "@bower_components/jquery": "jquery/jquery-dist#^2.2.4",
    "@bower_components/jquery-deserialize": "kflorence/jquery-deserialize#^1.3.3",
    "@bower_components/jquery-ui": "components/jqueryui#^1.11.4",

I have no babel configured yet.

🤔 Expected Behavior

Somehow parcel should be able to just concatenate js files
( old style, I know, but project still exists with old dependencies 🙁 )

😯 Current Behavior

Getting exceptions in console:

a677f712e4edd09e274282973659f9b7.js:9903 Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined
    at a677f712e4edd09e274282973659f9b7.js:9903
    at Object.require.62 (a677f712e4edd09e274282973659f9b7.js:9905)
    at newRequire (a677f712e4edd09e274282973659f9b7.js:42)
    at localRequire (a677f712e4edd09e274282973659f9b7.js:48)
    at Object.require.2.@bower_components/jquery (a677f712e4edd09e274282973659f9b7.js:28598)
    at newRequire (a677f712e4edd09e274282973659f9b7.js:42)
    at require.61 (a677f712e4edd09e274282973659f9b7.js:67)

💁 Possible Solution

parcel ignore flag/config/comment?

🔦 Context

I’m trying to move old project with builds on gulp/grunt (raw concatenation of js files + babel afterwards) to parcel.

🌍 Your Environment

Software Version(s)
Parcel latest
Node v8.9.3
npm/Yarn 1.3.2
Operating System osx 10.13.2

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