“upload-symbols” triggers security alert

  • Xcode version: 11.6 (11E708)
  • Firebase SDK version: 6.31.0
  • Firebase Component: FirebaseCrashlytics (Auth, Core, Database, Firestore, Messaging, Storage, etc)
  • Component version: 6.31.0
  • Installation method: Carthage

[REQUIRED] Step 2: Describe the problem

Running the upload-symbols script trigger a Gatekeep alert and does not allow to continue.
Alert shows:

“upload-symbols” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.

This problem can be avoided by allowing the upload-symbols script in the security pane of System Preferences, but I don’t think this is a good approach/solution.
I think that signing/notarizing the script should get rid of the problem.

Steps to reproduce:


./MyProject/Firebase/upload-symbols -gsp ./MyProject/GoogleService-Info.plist -p ios dSYMs

1 possible answer(s) on ““upload-symbols” triggers security alert

  1. I created #7323 which updates the upload-symbols binary to hopefully avoid the security alert. The binary is signed with Google’s developer certificate and has been notarized via Apple’s notary service.

    I will leave this ticket open until the PR is merged and folks have a chance to verify that this solves the issue.