upload-symbols fails to upload already uploaded dSYMs

[REQUIRED] Step 1: Describe your environment

  • Xcode version: 11.5
  • Firebase SDK version: 6.28.1
  • Firebase Component: Core, Crashlytics
  • Component version: 6.28.1
  • Installation method: CocoaPods

[REQUIRED] Step 2: Describe the problem

Steps to reproduce:

The script upload-symbols hangs if you try to upload dSYMs that are already uploaded. This is a major problem when using the script with Fastlane for example. Please check this issue: fastlane/fastlane#16168

I did a test to assert this and I could replicate. when trying to upload a dSYMs that is already in the Firebase server with upload-symbols, I get this:

Screenshot 2020-07-19 at 14 31 13

I and my team are also unable to know if a dSYM is uploaded since we have multiples apps to maintain. This is pretty confusing, we will never know if a dSYM will hang our script. Our script downloads all the dSYMs of a app version and upload them. This is a problem when we need to continuously send builds to TestFlight and upload the dSYMs for each build. Since the uploader script from Fastlane does not send them in order, we can get the script stuck anytime.

upload-symbols should inform that the dSYM is already uploaded and continue the script.

Relevant Code:

./Pods/FirebaseCrashlytics/upload-symbols -d -gsp ./Enviroments/MyApp/GoogleService-Info.plist -p ios ./com.myapp-1.0.0-1.dSYM.zip

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