Update Github Wiki or move it to Docs?

Hey all,

So I believe the github wiki is the first main source of info for new developers to the repo. As far as I’m aware, only collaborators can update it. It may be an idea to create a new section in the docs instead of using the github wiki. Perhaps putting contributors under the Code section of the main page.

As well as migrating the github wiki, I can think of an addition that might make various peoples lives easier, a “common issues” page (think issue posted, instant close, link to part of common issues). There are also some random pages which could be removed i.e. API reference. Those are two bits and pieces that come to mind but I’m sure others have more ideas.

It may help sort out miss-communication, speed up reviews and/or ease the barrier to entry.

I’d be happy to flesh out a first draft but I ain’t starting that until I’ve got the proper feedback.

2 thoughts on “Update Github Wiki or move it to Docs?

  1. Maybe we could link to the wiki from the docs?

    For example, we could add a “how to contribute to three.js” manual page that tells people to check out the wiki for more info.

  2. I’ve always had the impression that “npm run start” is pretty close to the “standard” name for this task. Maybe we should suggest that instead of dev?

    You can actually use just npm start which I would prefer instead of npm run dev. Besides,npm run test should be npm test.