Update dependencies

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

In my case, I’m trying to combine Nuxt+Autoimport+Storybook+Typescript. See my elaboration on a specific package below. This would not be a problem if the update interval hadn’t changed so drastically. In December, there have been almost biweekly releases, but not this year so far.

Describe the solution you’d like

Please consider updating a few dependencies, especially the ones maintained by the Nuxt team and the Nuxt community. I. e. I’m hoping for nuxt/components to be updated. This package has several released bugfixes which I’d love to see as a dependency update included in Nuxt.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Manually installing the dependencies + enforcing the new version to be chosen:
That’s a huge mess; difficult when doing it for the first time, just to download a bugfix.

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  1. Hi @gekkedev. Actually nuxt has a range dependency on @nuxt/components (as ^1.2.2 latest is 1.2.6 which is in same range) and we separated features like components for exactly same reason for faster independent versioning.

    You can always get latest semver-minor/patchs by using yarn upgrade nuxt or npm up nuxt or recreating lock-file 🙂

    PS: 2.15 has major changes that got pending until now and will be released as stable as soon as possible.