2 thoughts on “Upadte version and want reset use old version

  1. I also meet this issue on my Mac. I used nwjs-sdk 0.19.5, 0.20.0, 0.20.3 for some testing and met this issue now. The message in pop-up windows is same as this bug, and the log in Terminal is:
    Cannot initialize the web database: 2

    Close these pop-up windows, and app will be launched. The app window closed if I hit ‘X’. But the icon still shows in the dock unless I force to quit in the right click options.

    Try to delete the following files, but it’s not helpful.

    /Users/Your Name/Library/Application Support/nwjs/Default/Web Data 
    /Users/Your Name/Library/Application Support/nwjs/Default/Web Data-journal

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