Unity compatible per-material render order support

Already discussed a bit on #14415

We already have renderOrder for meshes and groups,
but not for materials, which is supported by Unity (as renderQueue).
It would help sorting rendering order of multi-material meshes in certain condition.

I have no idea how much the idea makes good impact for us but I need this at least (🙄),
Since I have to display Unity-compatible stuff (I mean, VRM) on https://hub.vroid.com

demo below

Author: Fantashit

1 thought on “Unity compatible per-material render order support

  1. Closing for now. I think we agree to not introduce Material.renderOrder. As mentioned by @WestLangley, the engine sorts and renders objects, so it’s better if renderOrder is only related to Object3D.

    If a user really needs to sort the derived render items of a multi material object, the idea is the transform the object into multiple ones and use Object3D.renderOrder again. In other words, this (special) use case needs to be solved on application level.

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