Uncaught TypeError: angular.module is not a function

My webpack.config.js as below

var path = require('path')
, webpack = require('webpack')

module.exports = {
    context : __dirname,

    resolve : {
        modulesDirectories : [ 'node_modules', 'bower_components' ],
        extensions : [ '', '.js', '.jsx' ]

    entry : {
        app: './static/scripts/app.js'
    output : {
        path : path.resolve('./assets'), // bridge point to django
        filename : '[name].js'

    plugins : [
        new webpack.ResolverPlugin(
            new webpack.ResolverPlugin.DirectoryDescriptionFilePlugin('bower.json', ['main'])

    devtool : 'source-map'

My demo project looks like

if I enable webpack.ResolverPlugin, I will get below error when open index.html in the browser

Running webpack output(with webpack.ResolverPlugin or not) looks like below:

Where have I done wrong?
Plz kindly help me out, thx.

Author: Fantashit

3 thoughts on “Uncaught TypeError: angular.module is not a function

  1. Angular doesn’t seem to support CommonJS. You’ll need to shim it with exports-loader.

          { loader: 'exports?window.angular', test: require.resolve('angular') },

    They did put in their changelog that they were supporting CommonJS, but I’ve always had this issue with the library.

  2. If it helps, you can have a look at a blogpost I wrote on working with Angular and Webpack. I definitely had a hard time getting Angular to load properly. They key ended up being something like:

    module: {
        loaders: [
          { test: /[\/]angular\.js$/, loader: "exports?angular" }
      resolve: {
        alias: {
          angular: __dirname + '/app/vendor/angular/angular'

    This works for us in files using AMD as well as those in ES6 module syntax.

  3. @danpantry by the way, I rename raven-js/plugins/angular.js file to something else, like raven-js/plugins/ra-ng.js, and It works.

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