Unable to resolve module `react-native/Libraries/StyleSheet/StyleSheetPropType


Please provide the following information about your environment:
ArchLinux kernel 4.19.23-1-lts
Samsung Galaxy S9 Android 8.0.0

"react-native": "^0.58.5",
   "react-viro": "2.13.0"


Following the get started tutorial from on step 7 got the error that i show you on the image.


To reproduce you just have to follow the get started tutorial. It’s not working for me. Tried to solve the problem with the terminal output but didn’t work.

Thank you.

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  1. Same issue for us

    react-native : 0.58.5
    react-viro : 2.13.0

    I temporary resolved this issue commenting the following code + each PropTypes declaration in the following components

    • node_modules/react-viro/components/ViroParticleEmitter.js
    • node_modules/react-viro/components/ViroImage.js
    • node_modules/react-viro/components/ViroAnimatedImage.js
    • node_modules/react-viro/components/ViroFlexView.js
    • node_modules/react-viro/components/ViroSurface.js
    • node_modules/react-viro/components/ViroButton.js
    • … (CTRL + F and search ‘stylePropType’ for to find these components)

    var StyleSheetPropType = require('react-native/Libraries/StyleSheet/StyleSheetPropType')
    var stylePropType = StyleSheetPropType(ViroPropTypes)

    This is a workaround, consider downgrading react-native, 0.57.8 is fine