UIWebView components still present in Firebase SDK

This PR is related to the use of UIWebView in the Firebase SDK.

  • Xcode version: Xcode 10.3
  • Firebase SDK version: 6.8.1
  • Firebase Components: Analytics, AdMob.
  • Components versions:
    • FirebaseAnalytics: 6.1.1
    • FirebaseCore: 6.2.3
    • Google-Mobile-Ads-SDK: 7.49.0
    • GoogleAppMeasurement: 6.1.1
    • GoogleUtilities: 6.2.5
    • nanopb: 0.3.901

The latest two releases are meant to have removed UIWebView and UIWebViewDelegate usage from the Firebase SDK but after having updated each component to the latest versions, building the app and searching for any UIWebView reference using nm "our_app_name" | grep UIWebView the following output was produced:
Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 10 23 01 pm

It seems that there is still usage of UIWebView in one or some of the Firebase SDK components. I am thinking that this is specifically related to the Google Mobile Ads component although I am not 100%% sure.

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