@types/react-native@0.63.41 or newer causes “No overload matches this call.”

Current behaviour

Run yarn add @types/react-native --dev to install latest version.

After that, VSCode reports “no overload matches this call” with React Native Paper components.

On version 0.63.41 commit, they remove accessibilityTraits and accessibilityComponentType.

Expected behaviour

No error when install @types/react-native latest version.

Code sample

Screenshots (if applicable)


What have you tried

I installed old version (yarn add @types/react-native@0.63.40 --dev), no errors was showed.

Your Environment

software version
ios or android android 10
react-native 0.63.4
react-native-paper 4.5.0
node 14.15.2
npm or yarn yarn@1.22.5
expo sdk none

2 thoughts on “@types/react-native@0.63.41 or newer causes “No overload matches this call.”

  1. can confirm. There are type errors everywhere with @types/react-native@0.63.42 (“properties accessibilityTraits and accessibilityComponentType are missing”). Anyway yarn add @types/react-native@0.63.40 --dev fixed it for me too.