Travis Failing in many PRs

Bug report

Travis is showing following errors

______________________ test_bbox_inches_tight_raster[pdf] ______________________
[gw1] darwin — Python 3.7.7 /usr/local/opt/python/bin/python3.7
expected = ‘/Users/travis/build/matplotlib/matplotlib/result_images/test_bbox_tight/bbox_inches_tight_raster-expected.pdf’
actual = PosixPath(‘/Users/travis/build/matplotlib/matplotlib/result_images/test_bbox_tight/bbox_inches_tight_raster.pdf’)
tol = 0
def _raise_on_image_difference(expected, actual, tol):
tracebackhide = True
err = compare_images(expected, actual, tol, in_decorator=True)
if err:
for key in [“actual”, “expected”]:
err[key] = os.path.relpath(err[key])
raise ImageComparisonFailure(
‘images not close (RMS %%(rms).3f):\n\t%%(actual)s\n\t%%(expected)s ‘
%% err)
E matplotlib.testing.exceptions.ImageComparisonFailure: images not close (RMS 6.457):
E result_images/test_bbox_tight/bbox_inches_tight_raster_pdf.png
E result_images/test_bbox_tight/bbox_inches_tight_raster-expected_pdf.png

in #17028, #17030 etc.

Bug summary

The error is separate from work done in the prs. Maybe we need to change /bbox_inches_tight_raster-expected_pdf.png ?

Code for reproduction

Check travis build for above prs

1 possible answer(s) on “Travis Failing in many PRs

  1. This is only failing on OSX. Before changing any reference images, we need to make sure that‘s the correct thing to do. First thing to do is check the generated images to see what‘s different. Somehow we should be able to get those images from Travis, but I don‘t know how.