Touchscreen support (with high DPI)

I have a Microsoft Service tablet and I tried Atom on it. With mouse it works like a charm but when I use the touch screen it doesn’t work that well. I think it is something like 100 pixels wrong on the x-ax and 60 on the y-ax. So the cursor moves 100px more to the left and 60 to the top.
Note: I do have DPI scaling enabled at 150%% after changing it to 100%% (and logging out) it did work

Note: The menus do work correctly with touch, just the editor (and tabs don’t)

I do not know if it is Windows specific because I don’t have another OS with touchscreen.

Edit: I changed the issue I didn’t logout the first time so my DPI settings didn’t change.

5 thoughts on “Touchscreen support (with high DPI)

  1. In my case (0.110.0) touch-scrolling works for the tree view but not the editor.
    (update: this is still the case two years later in atom 1.10.2)

  2. Yes as @dmig said, why is this labeled an enhancement rather than a bug? Scrolling the editor pane with a primary input device seems like it should be basic functionality.

  3. Thanks for the interest.

    Unfortunately, creating special case code for touch screen support is not something that we’re going to be able to prioritize over other functionality. Because of this, after reviewing with the team, we’ve decided to close this issue as something that we do not intend to work on. Additionally, we won’t be accepting a pull request for functionality in this area.

    Thanks again.