Tooltips & x-axis mode v2.2.0


1 – Tooltips arrow default position is “right” and we can see the arrow blink from the right to its calculated position during fade in and fade out animation.

2 – For bar chart, x-axis mode (thanks for this option @Mesonyx) depends of “stacked” param
if stacked is true, mode = label
if stacked is false, mode = single
So i’m wondering if “x-axis” shouldn’t be an option instead of a “mode”. It will give the liberty to have x-axis + single or x-axis + label.

3 – For line chart, when pointRadius = 0 (for a clean design or when there is a lot of data points) tooltip is visible only if your cursor is on the 1px corresponding to the X.
It is possible to have something like padding left/right = space between two points / 2 for the “hover zone” of the tooltip.

Author: Fantashit

1 thought on “Tooltips & x-axis mode v2.2.0

  1. The animation is definitely a bug. I thought it was already reported, but I couldn’t find a duplicate issue.

    That’s an interesting idea for the x axis hover. Thoughts @simonbrunel @zachpanz88 @Mesonyx ?

    For #3, the points have a hitRadius option that is a number that is added to the radius to determine the hit region. The default is 1. This could be changed, but it isn’t what you really want. One thing I have envisioned is to have a ‘nearest’ hover / tooltip mode. This would always pick the nearest point and then use that. Would that be more like what you are looking for?

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