Tooltips showing outside of minimum time bounds

Codepen example:

When the “min” time setting is used, it adjusts the line chart accordingly, however the tooltips still show up when you hover to the left outside of bounds. This is more noticeable on a chart with many datapoints. For example:


Expected behavior is that the “min” time setting would clip/truncate all values outside of the bounds. In other words, it would be as if those values don’t exist. No tooltips should appear for those values.

Current behavior appears to be that the line is still drawn but does not appear outside of bounds, however the tooltips still do.

This is all assuming of course that there aren’t additional settings that I’m unaware of to fix this issue.

One way around this is to simply not feed the full array into the dataset. For example instead of using data: data_array use data: data_array.slice(-100) to make a subset of the last 100 items in the array.

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