has a DNS service that provides sub-domains that can point to websites hosted on github. I think we could move to

The only change that needs to be done from our part is to change the CNAME file with the new sub-domain.

Why would you want to change the existing domain?
I think having a sub-domain could show a better affiliation with the javascript community.
Also, the current existing domain is very similar to the proposed domain as well.

I can create a pull request for changing the CNAME file with the custom sub-domain as well the pull request to js-org/ to assign the sub-domain to three.js.

I’m asking approval / permission to do these 👆 for three.js.

Author: Fantashit

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  1. I think we could move to

    To switch from a (owned) domain to a SUB-domain (owned by someone else) is a bad idea from any point of view.
    Not to mention that is a nice domain name …

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