Three.js memory leak

I have noticed strange memory leak in three.js (r73). Steps to reproduce:

1)Open following link in Google Chrome ( 46.0.2490.80 m)

  1. Open DevTools -> Profiles – > Take Heap Snapshot. See my screenshot below:


  1. Take another heap snapshot after 10 seconds. As you can see the size of heap increased.


But if open this page locally on the computer without any server than heap size will be within the bounds of 4-6 Mb.


Why used memory size permanently increased in example and constant in case of locally page opening?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards, Vasily.

Author: Fantashit

2 thoughts on “Three.js memory leak

  1. I did some test with webgl_test_memory and i can see that WebGLTexture objects are constantly creating but not removing. THREE.Texture,THREE.Material and THREE.Geometry work property and ins’t incrementing but WebGLTexture yes, anybody know’s how to solve the problem? Thanks

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    captura de pantalla 2016-06-15 a las 13 35 49
    captura de pantalla 2016-06-15 a las 13 35 40

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