8 thoughts on “Three.js logo usage, guidelines

  1. @mrdoob As a designer, I love three.js! I think we should build a small team as there are many people want to contribute to designing logo or other stuffs for free. They may have the same passion with me on three.js, and it’s more and more necessary to have an official logo.

    screen shot 2017-03-05 at 12 23 20 pm

    The logo above you designed is awesome, and I hold the same view as @EskelCz .

    1、Triangles is great.
    2、Really thin when you scale it down.

    So, I can refine it based on your idea, make it more stable, fancy, and popular.
    I can help.

  2. @looeee As an icon, it can down to 16px*16px on internet. Such as:
    screen shot 2017-03-05 at 6 00 19 pm
    And this favicon doesn’t support SVG format.
    We know that there are many ways to use it down to different sizes.

    There are several issues also confuses me:

    1、The rotation.
    I test the angle that the logo is rotated about 43.643 degree. Is there have some convincible reason?

    2、The division.
    screen shot 2017-03-05 at 6 31 42 pm
    Why it’s divided by 4? Not simper or more complicated?

    3、Stroke width.
    screen shot 2017-03-05 at 6 35 04 pm
    Can it be divided fewer and stroked stronger?

  3. I love the rotation, it gives it a lot of personality and uniqueness. But I’d use 2 divisions (3 tris each side), feels more coherent and simpler.

    I don’t see a problem with the nuclear idea, once it’s rotated. In fact, it’s cool the idea of threejs as the unified and universal core/nucleus of the 3d web.

  4. @WestLangley not sure if this is the authors intention, but you could interpret mrdoob’s version and other variations of the logo as a 3D mesh and cubes. It is better visible with edges removed, fernardojsg version :

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