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Some people including me missing a forum for general discussion. Someone in the IRC stated mrdoob wouldn’t have the time to maintain one. If some could help for moderation it should work i guess.

I’ve used SMF some time ago, but MyBB seems the most widespread software today, so i’ve setup one today just for test purposes and get familiar with it. I’ve also made a theme based on a responsive one, just for a raw layout and contrast.

I’ve put together a simple structure as a start, doesn’t include what is covered by github:

	Getting started
		- basic questions, setup issues..
	General Discussion
	Feedback and discussion
	Examples & Tutorials
		- demos, examples and tutorials
	Coding questions
		- asking for help
	Concept & ideas
		- Ideas, brainstorming and discuss solutions.
		- bare API related
	Shader programming
		- GLSL related
		- software for assets etc.
	Libraries and extensions
		- announcement, collaboration, team up...
		- showcase what you've done with THREE.js

Here’s the prototyped simple theme

But only if it get’s @mrdoob approved. I would also want suggestions from you, about structure, design and moderation. I also thought about a categorized depot for libraries, codes and assets, similar to a “asset store”.

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6 thoughts on “THREE.js forum

  1. @Hectate just as a counterpoint I’m in Indonesia and Reddit is blocked here. Not sure how many countries block it, but it may not be accessible to everyone.

    Aside from that, when I do access it using nefarious means it seems pretty dead really, not to mention that the flat structure of a subreddit, while great in it’s own way, is not really a substitute for a categorised discussion forum.

    It’s a fair point though that a dead forum is a not that useful, but the only way to see if it gets used is to create it!

    If nothing else it would serve as a place to send people asking for help via raising issues here, aside from Stackoverflow which doesn’t suit every question.

  2. P.s. i’d fill out the form, but it’s probably best that @mrdoob does it, or someone who has more contributor clout than I. I’d definitely volunteer to moderate/admin.

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