THREE Group and Object3D add child BUG.

Ricardo, why did you delete the reported issue?
I’m a 3DS Max user since the DOS era, so I know very well what I’m saying.

  • import an object (OBJ, DAE, whatever) with many childrens.
  • perform some scale/rotation/position changes on the imported object (all the childrens will be afected).
  • detach one children (the mesh)
  • create a new GROUP
  • attach that mesh to the group.

Result: everything is messed up !
That previous child object will get position and rotation (0,0,0) and scale(1,1,1).
And that’s wrong!
Perform the same operations with 3DS Max.
The new group (parent) will not mess up the new children parameters.


Author: Fantashit

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