The color of the environment map is displayed brighter than r98

I tried webgl_loader_gltf sample with three.js r98 and r99.
As a result of comparison, r99 seems to be slightly brighter than r98.
I think that it is necessary to specify THREE.sRGBEncoding in the environment map if it is over r99.

However, applying THREE.sRGBEncoding to the environment map will make the model darker, so I think further actions are necessary. Unfortunately I do not know how to do it.

three.js r98 result:

three.js r99 result:

three.js r99 + sRGBEncoding result:

Author: Fantashit

2 thoughts on “The color of the environment map is displayed brighter than r98

  1. My two cents:

    I would suggest that roughness, metalness, glossiness, normal, bump just be linear always. It sometimes will be slightly wrong but I doubt people will notice.

    Only the color channels should allow for decoding, either sRGB, or linear. I would suggest handling sRGB/etc decoding in Javascript and assume within the shaders that all uniforms are in linear color space. The last thing we need is more complexity in the shaders, especially a decode per pixelshader instantiation that is exactly the same each time (and another DEFINE or uniform – there are too many of those already.)

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