TGA Loader missing from npm module

I am needing to put a skybox together with TGA files. I am using the module from npm for Three.js but there is no TGA Loader included. I checked the nodule_modules/three/src/loaders and it isn’t there.

I went to rewrite it by comparing to other files. I was able to understand enough to convert the .js TGALoader from the non npm THREE files… however there is a .d.ts file needed I believe. At that point I am slightly beyond my certainty of being able to implement.

Please can you update the npm package with it. I am sure it would be very fast for the almighty creator xD

Author: Fantashit

3 thoughts on “TGA Loader missing from npm module

  1. The module version of TGALoader is already available on dev. With the next release R105 this week you can also import from the npm package.

  2. three/examples/js/loaders/TGALoader

    This path can’t work since you have to target the JSM directory (as stated in the docs…).

    ‘import’ and ‘export’ may appear only with ‘sourceType: module

    This is a pure JS issue and not related to three.js. Google it and you find many existing answer on stackoverflow. As mentioned by @mrdoob , please use the forum ot stackoverflow if you need more help.

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