Tabset ul not containing li’s according to lighthouse

Current behavior
When using the tabset, the ul has a role of tabset and the a elements within the li’s have a role of tab.
This has now changed to say the errors reported by @IAfanasov, that li’s are not contained within a ul, even though they are.

~~Expected behavior
No roles are assigned to lists.

This is incorrect Aria behaviour and fails a Google Lighthouse test. See documentation: as to why this should be removed.

This was introduced by the following issue (however well intentioned) #1118. All I know is, this is hindering those perfect lighthouse scores we’re all going for under accessibility :D.~~
The problem does seem to be specific to using ng-bootstrap’s tablist and doesn’t occur when typing the HTML out by hand, possibly due to the UL and LIs being part of different components?

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  1. The issue is still present, even in latest sample from the example page.
    Although markup is from HTML correct, having the role=tablist, is what confuses the screen readers.

    Issue can be easily identified with Accesibility from DevTools, AXE or Accessibility Insights for Web.


    The fix seems to be changing the role=”tablist” to role=”list” or removing it altogether.

    A great explanation in this article explain the issue from real users perspective. their solution includes the removal of the role=”tablist”.