Tab switching (ctrl-tab) should be in MRU order

Current switching order is as tab display order, which is useless when opening many tabs.
Other editors uses MRU order to improve it (Intellij IDEA, Sublimetext,, Windows alt-tab etc..)

It’s better to popup an open file list (in MRU order) when do switching (like IntelliJ IDEA / Windows alt-tab does).

8 thoughts on “Tab switching (ctrl-tab) should be in MRU order

  1. This is an interesting suggestion that’ll probably be a bit controversial because:

    • Chrome uses left-to-right order when switching tabs, but…
    • Alt+Tab is organized by most recently used

    I for one would prefer left-to-right order for switching tabs, since tabs can be re-ordered, unlike windows.

  2. [image: 👍] for making this a core feature

    Why do people want things in core all the time? Why does it matter? I’m
    not pushing my package, it may very well suck. But if someone does a good
    package for a feature then what the heck difference does it make? Actually
    it makes core more bloated for people that don’t want the feature so it is
    actually a disadvantage.

    On Sun, Feb 1, 2015 at 1:50 PM, Ryan Leckey

    [image: 👍] for making this a core feature of

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    #5344 (comment).

  3. I don’t care if this gets implemented, but it has to be an option. I definitely don’t want to be forced to anything other than sequential tabbing order. The popup list (again, probably as an option) sounds interesting.

  4. @xak2000

    I cant realize that any developer want to use left-ro-right switching.

    I do.

    In this case I will use my mouse anyway.

    I won’t.

    Because when I pressing it five times I almost always pressing it six and BOOM. I need to cycle through all tabs again. Or pressing it slowly and in this case using mouse still be faster.


    So I can’t see any use case for left-to-right mode.
    Maybe it is just me? But if it is – anybody that likes left-to-right mode – give me your use case.

    It’s just you and whoever else wants MRU. Some people do, some people don’t. The solution is simple: if it gets implemented make it an option (on or off by default, doesn’t particularly matter), then no one has to worry about anticipating or trampling anyone else’s use case.


    There is a use case, but it doesn’t matter anyway since
    left-to-right-switching will be still available via ctrl + page up/down.

    It matters very much — because I want to use Tab, not Page Up|Page Down.

  5. ^^ 👍 @grgrssll

    What other software does this? Can you imagine if Chrome did this [suddenly and transparently to all its users]? How annoying would that be? Answer: Just as annoying as your IDE doing it.

    Please at least add an option to turn it off in the preferences.

  6. Can you imagine if Chrome did this? How annoying would that be? Answer: Just as annoying as your IDE doing it.

    It would be great if Chrome did it, which is why MRU switching is an oft-requested feature for Chromium. Sadly, it currently can’t be implemented even in an extension in that case.

    I’ve used Eclipse, WebStorm, RubyMine, Notepad++, vim …. and I’ve never experienced this. Is it a new thing?

    Out of that list, only vim doesn’t have MRU switching by default. It’s also not a new thing. Have you tried pressing Alt+Tab or Command+Tab? Task switchers use MRU order too.

    In any case, please take a moment to think before assuming that a nonsense feature would have been implemented and pushed as the default. Chances are you would do yourself a favor by adopting MRU switching.

  7. I’m not arguing about whether it’s a “good” feature or not. You can like it, I can dislike it, that’s fine.

    What I do find completely ridiculous though, is that this occurred transparently to users and there was no option in the preferences to revert it. I had to google and find a github issue. That’s Bad