syscall: use posix_spawn (or vfork) for ForkExec when possible


At a basic level posix_spawn(2) is a subset of fork(2). A new child process from
fork(2): 1) gets an exact copy of everything that the parent process had in memory, and
2) gets a copy of all the file descriptors that the parent process had open.
posix_spawn(2) preserves #2, but not #1. In some cases, say, shelling out a command,
it's unnecessary to get a copy of memory of the parent process. With copy-on-write, fork
will be less expensive but still, not necessary.

What's out there:

I am wondering if it makes sense to have this API and let developers decide which one to
use (fork/exec vs. posix_spawn)

4 thoughts on “syscall: use posix_spawn (or vfork) for ForkExec when possible

  1. I see this issue on a regular basis for machines that still have free physical memory (certainly enough for the process I would like to invoke), but are being called by a Go process with a very large virtual memory footprint using os.Exec. The invocation fails due to insufficient virtual memory to fork the parent Go process. I think calling this a “performance” issue isn’t accurate.

    Go daemons with large virtual memory footprints needing to invoke small command-line utilities is a common use case. It would be nice to get this assigned to the 1.5 release.

  2. Cool. So there are no reasons for not bringing this upstream. I’ll create a CL today or tomorrow.

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