SymLogNorm colorbar incorrect on master

Bug report

Bug summary

The colormap/tick locations within the colorbar are not being updated properly with a SymLogNorm on master. I think this is different than #16269 because it is actually creating the colorbar, just a wrong one.

Compare the previous correct version:

with a fresh checkout of master:


Difference in the colorbar of the top axis.

2 thoughts on “SymLogNorm colorbar incorrect on master

  1. You don’t need to pip install each time if you don’t need to rebuild any of the c code. (And you’ve used pip install -e)

  2. Thanks for the helpful hints on commands! A quick search through the docs doesn’t indicate anything telling me about ccache and the wording is pretty vague around the pip install -e . command. I think this would actually be helpful for other new contributors getting started and bisecting, so I will try and look into adding it somewhere in the docs.