SuSE 13.1 / KDE Atom Window is always on Top

I just installed 1.2.4 via rpm in my Suse 13.1 Installation.
This error also occurs in the current beta-version.

The Atom-Window is always “on top” and hides everything benath it. Klicking on other windows / switching to other screens will always have the atom window on top.
Only way to minimize it is via the standard minimize controls, but the normal window behavior on loosing focus is not working.

Window has Focus:

Other Window has Focus. Atom Editor is “on top” and has lost the windows decoration

The most annoying part is, that the main window also hides all other dialogs. And often you don’t know why the gui is not reacting:
After moving away the main Window:

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  1. I see this same issue on a fresh installation of Ubuntu 16.04 (on VirtualBox v5.0.20 with extension pack and guestbox additions). Maybe this issue should be reopened?

    Update 1: I found this #11609 , but it is also closed.

    Update 2: Alright, found the solution for my particular case in #11574 🙂
    The issue in my case is due to some bug in VirtualBox 3D acceleration. Solution which worked for me is mentioned in: #11574 (comment)