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I noticed, that your PDF is not properly displayed on the Broswers IE and Edge.

Here are some Screenshots
IE first page
IE second Page

Edge first Page
Edge second Page

Is this a problem on my side?

5 thoughts on “Support on IE & Edge

  1. Interestingly, I just reverted back to the version we had previously used (5.1.2) and this problem seems to have resolved itself…

  2. This library needs to have in big, bold letter at the top of its


    I don’t like IE11 but it’s still used in the MAJORITY of serious enterprises and companies. This library is useless for enterprise use without that support.

    Maintainer, please make it clear about compatibility because we wasted a bunch of time integrating this before realizing and looking in the issues.

  3. Since version 2.4.456 of PDF.js, es5 compatibility is no longer supported by default [1].
    To support IE and Edge, it is necessary to use es5 compatible prebuilt. To use es5 compatible prebuilt, the following module paths should be pdfjs-dist/es5/* (See

    PDFJS = require(‘pdfjs-dist/build/pdf’);
    PDFJSViewer = require(‘pdfjs-dist/web/pdf_viewer’);

    But this fix is not enough because the default CDN worker is not es5 compatible (es5 compatible pdf.worker.min.js seems to be available since v2.6.347).

    pdfWorkerSrc = `${
    (PDFJS as any).version

    If this library doesn’t officially support IE and Edge, I think it should raise the major version based on SemVer.