Support for glTF 2.0

Core changes:

  • Create GLTF2Loader.
  • Add PBR materials.
    • Metallic-Roughness.
    • Specular-Glossiness.
  • Add morph targets.
  • Add image.bufferView so that textures/geometry/keyframes can be stored in one binary blob if desired.
  • Replace top-level glTF object properties that are currently accessed by property name, e.g., the accessors object, with arrays that are accessed by index.
  • Nodes allow only 1 node.mesh, not node.meshes array.

Extension changes:

  • KHR_binary_glTF extension is moved into core spec.
  • KHR_common_materials extension no longer includes lights.
  • KHR_lights extension.
  • KHR_technique_webgl for GLSL. GLSL is no longer part of core spec.

I’m probably missing some things, there is a more exhaustive list: Spec changes from 1.0 to 2.0. This will settle over the coming weeks.

/cc @pjcozzi @takahirox

Author: Fantashit

4 thoughts on “Support for glTF 2.0

  1. Hi @densetsughem — Could you open a new issue, and include: (1) the version of three.js you are using, and (2) the model itself? One of us will be able to help you then. 🙂

  2. With the exception of the flipY on textures and the KHR_technique_webgl extension (which isn’t ready for implementation yet), I think we’ve checked off all of the glTF2.0 tasks on the original post. I’ll close this issue, and we can open new ones as bugs arise.

    For future readers, note that the KHR_lights and KHR_common_materials are still in an experimental state (although they should match what is exported from glTF-Blender-Exporter).

    Thank you to @takahirox for major portions of the implementation, as well as to @cx20 and everyone who has helped us find issues!

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