Suggestion: Refactor MeshToonMaterial

As suggested in #15105 (comment).

I have never seen a toon shader that supports hotspots, environment maps, or even maps for that matter… Or multiple lights.

A toon shader can be written in a few lines of code, and should not have extended Phong, which is way too flexible. I would have implemented it like MeshMatcapMaterial.

Alternative opinions, welcome.

Author: Fantashit

1 thought on “Suggestion: Refactor MeshToonMaterial

  1. About specular, the reason why I implemented so was from MMD default shader. Like her sleeve in the first picture in the link MMD specular is soft edge.

    I personally want to remain the soft edge for MMD but I can understand it isn’t standard. So I don’t block changing. Instead if we change I’ll think of customizing shader for MMD with Node-based material (when it’s available in core), .onBeforeCompile(), or ShaderMaterial.

    As #19609 I am going to implement MMD specific material in MMDLoader, so we no longer need to take care MMD for refactoring Toon material.

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