[suggestion] multi-material mixing

yes this question is being up again and again, but this still makes me scratch head all day.
I think this should have a common solution and be built into the standard official lib.
for example like BABYLONJS does:
let t = new TerrainMaterial(); t.mixMap = xxxx use rgb to mix 3 maps t.map1 = xxxx t.map2 = xxxx t.map3 = xxxx t.normal1 = xxxx t.normal2 = xxxx t.normal3 = xxxx
although we can write a shader to solve this, but it’s really hard (for guys not famililar to shader like me), my scene has fog / hemispherelight / drlight / dithering etc which means I need to “#include <a lot of other parts>” to my shader but I don’t quite understand of THREEJS’s shader system. (I found i need to write some “#define USE_XXX” once I use #include??)
anyway my shader not work.

what do you guys think?

Author: Fantashit

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  1. Actually it would be nice to have a simple texture splatting example (similar to babylon.js) in the repo. Maybe a materials / texture / splatting?

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