Suggestion: modify use of transparent and opacity properties

This is a suggestion about the use of the transparent and opacity properties of material. As it says in the documentation, transparent must be set to true in order to make opacity work, but I think most of the people that sets opacity < 0 assumes that the material is going to be translucent without doing anything else.

I didn´t searched a lot, but the documentation shows (or so I understand) that it can be because of the color transparency over material. If this is the only reason, shouln’t transparent property be in color? or maybe material should have another property like colorBlend, instead of transparent.

I understand that transparent property is useful in material, but maybe it should be a read only property that returns opacity < 1 ?

Author: Fantashit

1 thought on “Suggestion: modify use of transparent and opacity properties

  1. If has a alpha channel that is less than 1, the mesh will be translucent — even if opacity is 1. Translucent objects must be rendered after opaque ones.

    A similar case occurs if the user is using a custom ShaderMaterial that sets alpha less than 1.

    In those cases, a flag is required to signify “not opaque”, ensuring proper rendering order.

    For consistency, the flag is always required, even though transparency is implied when opacity is less than 1.

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