Strange behaviour with ngModel and looping over the array

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I’ve created simple input using ngFor and ngModel connected to array element.

 data = [
*ngFor="let el of data;let i = index"

After focusing first input and typing one character:

  • input value changes
  • focus is lost and moves to next input
  • the following input value is set to previous input value
  • after typing another character whole text is copied to next input and it gain focus

Can anyone explain this behaviour? It looks like the bug

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Adding trackBy function to *ngFor (using array index) solves the issue

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Angular Version:

Tested with both angular 10 and 11

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  1. You need to use an array of objects, and bind to a property of those objects, or to use trackBy and track by index: your ngModel replaces a string in the array by another string, thus forcing Angular to delete the DOM node which has the focus and recreate it, causing the focus to be lost.

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